Tuesday, July 31, 2012


AHHHH!!! uhh, I'm Going To High School Tomorrow! I am Excited & So Very Nervous.
As I Keep Thinking About It, It Makes Me Even More Nervous. . .
I Shall Soon Write About My First Day!! ;D But Tomorrow, Is Wordless Wednesday?
So, I Should I Share A Picture Of Me In My First Day Of School Outfit?
I'm Not Sure, But I Probably Will! I Am So Scared For Tomorrow, I Can't Believe It's Here Already.  .  . Summer Went By So Fast! Ahhhhh! *More Thoughts* I Am So Nervous, It's Not Funny Anymore. D: I'm Hoping I Will Be Able To Sleep, Tonight /: I Might, Be To Excited?
Well, Overall I Am Excited To See My Friends. <33 I Have Missed Them! So, I Will Soon Blog Again!! :D Lol. Wish Me Luck?? Pleaseeeeee.
Goodnight & Sweet Dreams Everyone.
- Nervous, Joni Marie.♥

Monday, July 30, 2012

Time To Rant.

Hmm, Where To Start? I guess, I Should Start Off With My Friend Ashley's Sweet 16 Party That I Went To Saturday. . .It Was Actually Alot Of Fun, Julie (My Little Sister.)  & I Got To Meet Some Of Her Friends That We Didn't Know, & I Got To See Some Of My Mutual Friends, As Well. We Had Alot Of Fun Though Just Goofing Off & Swimming & Running Around,
& Listening To Music. . .  But My Parents Came To Get Me & Julie around 9:30ish... So, We Didn't Get To Stay Late But Thats Alright,  But We We're Going To Get To Stay Late. . . But, My Bestfriend Sierra Called To Stay The Night & So, My Parents Let Her Come Over, & So I Spent My Sunday With Her & Then Today She Went Home Around 2:00ish. . . But Anyways, I Can't Believe It's Monday. . . & That Wednesday I Start High School!!! Well, I Am More Excited About High School Even More Now, Because The Person I Wasn't Looking Forward To Seeing... Apologized (& Yes It Was A Real Apology That I Wasn't For sure... I'd Ever Get From This Individual.) , But We Worked Everything out, So Now I Won't Have To Worry About Having Any Bad Feelings Against Anyone When I Go Back To School. I Am So Happy We Put Aside Our Differences!
But, I Know In Highschool Alot Of My Friendships Are Gonna Be Tested, & Some Aren't Gonna Work & Some Are Gonna Be Great. . . But Thats Just How School Goes. Lol.
Well, Overall I am Still Nervous To Start Highschool This Year! But It's Here & I Can't Out- Run It... Hopefully everything Goes Good Though!! :D ohh, & Last Thing To Rant On About
( I Promise!!) I Just Wanna Thank Everyone For Their Kind Comments The Other Day! ;D
It's Wonderful, To Know That I Have People Actually Reading My Blog. . . & Not Just My Family!! Lol. Though I Do Appreciate Them Reading As well. (: Okay, I Promised. . . So, I'm Finished! (:
- Joni Marie.♥

Friday, July 27, 2012


Well, As You Might Have Figured From My Title. . .
I Got My Schedule, For My Freshman Year In High School!
I Am Completely Excited. ;D But I Have Some People, I Rather Not Be Around.
But Other Than That, I Love My Schedule!!
I Got Into Drama Class This Year!! I Wasn't Sure If I Would Get In. . .
But I am So Excited I Did & So, Did My Friend Sierra! The Fun Thing About Drama Class, Is That You Can Express Yourself In Many Ways & Yell & Just Have Fun. Plus, On Some Days Our Drama Class Teacher, Lets Us Do Yoga & After We Take Naps ;D Another Good Thing About Drama, Is That I Get To Be In School Plays, Which I Am Totally EXCITED about & To Be In Drama With My Best Friend Sierra Is Just Great! I Couldn't Be Happier. (:
This Year, Is Going To Be Fun! Just Because, I Have People That I Don't Care Much For, Doesn't Mean I Am Gonna Let Them Ruin My Year. I Am Determined To Have A Good, Fun Year. (:
But, Anyways Back To My Schedule. . . It's Pretty Good & I Got Every Class, I wanted!
Only Thing That I Don't Care For About My Schedule. . . Is That It Is A Run-Around!!
I Go Back In Fourth ALOT All Day, But It's Just Something I will Get Use To. ;D
Well, I Start High School In 4 Days. . . Ahhhhhhhh!!! Nervous, Scared, Excited, Unsure, Happy. . .
Yeah, Those Are My Feelings About High School. :P I Have A Great Best friend That Will Get Me Through My First Day, ( Thank God! :D ) & Something, I am Not Forward To is Waking Up, EARLY! I Rather Sleep, But School Is Fun With Friends!! So, In Conclusion. . .
I Am Excited About My Schedule & High School. But Nervous As Well. ;P
- Joni Marie.♥

Monday, July 23, 2012

Unfinished...Or Just Not Ready To Let It End?

Unfinished, No. . . Just Not Ready To Let It End.
Summer 2012, Was Great. . . I Got To Catch Up With Friends.
Have Some Adventure, Stay Up Late, Sleep Late, Have Sleep Overs, Have Lots Of Fun.
I'm Not Ready To Grow Up, & Be In Highschool Just Yet. . .
But I Know My Summer Is About Over, & It's Only A Matter Of Time Before I'm a Highschooler.
This Year Has Gone By So Very Fast. . . I Do Enjoy Going To School, & Learning New Things & Meeting New Friends, & Seeing Old Ones. I'm Just Gonna Miss Simple Times When Things Got To Rough For Me To Handle & Hide Away In My Mommy's Arms.
But I Guess, It's Time To Grow Up. . . A Little. I'm Still Going To Hide In My Mommy's Arm. ;D
Welp, Summer 2012 Has Had It's ups & Downs. . . But Overall, This Has Been The Greatest Summer I've Had In A Very Long Time.♥  I Guess, Thats Mostly Why I Don't Wanna Let It End.
I'm Scared & Nervous For Highschool. . . But, I Tell Everyone, I'm Not. . .
Lesson's In Life Are Best Learned, When Atleast Trying To Do Something You Believe In.
So, I guess, I Will Be Fearless As Much As I Can.♥
So, In End To My Ranting On & On. . . I Leave You With Saying ; I'm Unsure. . .
About Alot Of Things, But I Know I'll Be Just Fine. ☺
- Joni Marie.♥

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I am Hanging out with my bestfriend Danielle, We Haven't seen each other in a very long time. !! :D
I am so happy, my parents allowed her to come over for a couple days then I am going to her house in return. ;D I can't wait this whole week is gonna be fun !!
Me & Danielle have been friends since 6th grade & we are both about to freshman.
We are great bestfriends, except I live like an hour away from her, which I don't not like.
But our friendhsip still remains through phone calls, texts, & Instant messages.
Which I Like to talk & Text, but its even more fun to have her here in person for once!!
She spent 4 nights & 5 days at my house. ;D & All we did was watch movies, stay on facebook, create a facebook page, play on the slip 'n' slide, Go to The Movies & See " Alvin & The Chipmunks, Shipwrecked." , Go To A back to school blast for my school... But then my time with her at my house came to an end..
 But Before, I Left with her... I decided we needed to take pictures ;DD Which, I Will Include at The Bottom of This Post :D & Tonight is my first night at her house, but so far so good! :D Me & Danielle Made a Page our Facebook Called " It's A Bestfriend Thing. "
Cause were bestfriends ^_^ Welp, I'm excited to be at her house, We went to her church tonight & Her church "Family" Was so very nice. :D They all welcomed me, with open arms. <33 Which I haven't been to a church in a while, & I felt very welcome... (:
I know what everyone reading this post is thinking, ( If Joni, were actually having fun... She wouldn't be writing a blog post ) But to Be honest, I am Actually Having a pretty great time with her, But decided I needed to Blog. <33 Lol. She has to be the greatest Bestfriend, I have ever had... :'D
She isn't like a back stabber , or someone who lies alot... She's just Great !
My Family enjoyed having her over, So I believe she will come over for future fun times!!
which is Good!! But My Parents Jokingly called her "Tiny Tim." The whole time she was at my house, they even tried to get her to put white powder on her face, so they could record her "singing"
" Tip-Toe Through The Tulips." ;D Hahahaha, which she didn't do it, though. :P
But she did eventually get the song "Tip-Toe Through The Tulips" Stuck in her head to the point she started even singing it ! ;DD It's fun to watch, Cause she will yell "Darn it !!" after she is done singing. But I Love My Bestfriend Danielle, Anyone else out there with a bestfriend that is amazing ?

                                   Danielle on the Left & Me (Joni) on The Right.

                                                                                                 - Joni Marie.<3

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Simple Me

A few Things About Myself ;
My  name is Joni Marie Hedges.
I Love to write & Thats why I decided to make a blog.
I am a freshman this year, I am very excited for high school.
I am a very creative & fun person.
I Love music !
I am 14 years old.
I enjoy hanging out with friends & having sleep overs.
My friends would describe me as loud, but if you don't know me... You might consider me quiet.
I love to wear pj's all day, My favorite pj's to wear are my footsie's.
I am a very silly person, & I love to joke around.
I have alot of friends, that I enjoy being around.
I love school, & my favorite subject is english.
I argue with my parents, just like any normal teenager.
I spend to much time on my laptop. :P
I have 5 sisters  & 2 brothers. - My sisters names are ; Sara, Elizabeth, Julie, Heather (passed away), Emily (passed away). My Brothers names are ; Hunter (passed away), Samuel.
I have 2 half sisters & 1 half brother & one baby that passed away. (unknown gender) & twins that passed away. (unknown gender.) - My half sisters names ; Brandy, Tabitha. My half brothers name ; Ray.
I love everyone of My brothers & sisters. :D
My favorite song is Tongue Tied.
My favorite color is Light green.
I have two pets, One is a dog named Marmaduke (Duke for short.) & A Guinea Pig named Woody. <3
I love when my family watches movies together.
I don't like people arguing.
I have allergies.
I love summer, & warm weather.
My parents & siblings are always here for me, which I love.
My Mom (Trennia Hedges) & My Sister (Elizabeth Hedges) Also Have Blogs.
I love to watch scary movie's !!
I Love family activities, & Getting out with my whole entire family. <3
My grandpa lives with my family.
I am single untill my parents allow me to have a boyfriend.
I wear a purity ring, Because My Parents & Me Believe True Love Waits. <3
I am a Mommy's & Daddy's Girl. :D

- Joni Marie. <3