Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I am Hanging out with my bestfriend Danielle, We Haven't seen each other in a very long time. !! :D
I am so happy, my parents allowed her to come over for a couple days then I am going to her house in return. ;D I can't wait this whole week is gonna be fun !!
Me & Danielle have been friends since 6th grade & we are both about to freshman.
We are great bestfriends, except I live like an hour away from her, which I don't not like.
But our friendhsip still remains through phone calls, texts, & Instant messages.
Which I Like to talk & Text, but its even more fun to have her here in person for once!!
She spent 4 nights & 5 days at my house. ;D & All we did was watch movies, stay on facebook, create a facebook page, play on the slip 'n' slide, Go to The Movies & See " Alvin & The Chipmunks, Shipwrecked." , Go To A back to school blast for my school... But then my time with her at my house came to an end..
 But Before, I Left with her... I decided we needed to take pictures ;DD Which, I Will Include at The Bottom of This Post :D & Tonight is my first night at her house, but so far so good! :D Me & Danielle Made a Page our Facebook Called " It's A Bestfriend Thing. "
Cause were bestfriends ^_^ Welp, I'm excited to be at her house, We went to her church tonight & Her church "Family" Was so very nice. :D They all welcomed me, with open arms. <33 Which I haven't been to a church in a while, & I felt very welcome... (:
I know what everyone reading this post is thinking, ( If Joni, were actually having fun... She wouldn't be writing a blog post ) But to Be honest, I am Actually Having a pretty great time with her, But decided I needed to Blog. <33 Lol. She has to be the greatest Bestfriend, I have ever had... :'D
She isn't like a back stabber , or someone who lies alot... She's just Great !
My Family enjoyed having her over, So I believe she will come over for future fun times!!
which is Good!! But My Parents Jokingly called her "Tiny Tim." The whole time she was at my house, they even tried to get her to put white powder on her face, so they could record her "singing"
" Tip-Toe Through The Tulips." ;D Hahahaha, which she didn't do it, though. :P
But she did eventually get the song "Tip-Toe Through The Tulips" Stuck in her head to the point she started even singing it ! ;DD It's fun to watch, Cause she will yell "Darn it !!" after she is done singing. But I Love My Bestfriend Danielle, Anyone else out there with a bestfriend that is amazing ?

                                   Danielle on the Left & Me (Joni) on The Right.

                                                                                                 - Joni Marie.<3