Friday, July 27, 2012


Well, As You Might Have Figured From My Title. . .
I Got My Schedule, For My Freshman Year In High School!
I Am Completely Excited. ;D But I Have Some People, I Rather Not Be Around.
But Other Than That, I Love My Schedule!!
I Got Into Drama Class This Year!! I Wasn't Sure If I Would Get In. . .
But I am So Excited I Did & So, Did My Friend Sierra! The Fun Thing About Drama Class, Is That You Can Express Yourself In Many Ways & Yell & Just Have Fun. Plus, On Some Days Our Drama Class Teacher, Lets Us Do Yoga & After We Take Naps ;D Another Good Thing About Drama, Is That I Get To Be In School Plays, Which I Am Totally EXCITED about & To Be In Drama With My Best Friend Sierra Is Just Great! I Couldn't Be Happier. (:
This Year, Is Going To Be Fun! Just Because, I Have People That I Don't Care Much For, Doesn't Mean I Am Gonna Let Them Ruin My Year. I Am Determined To Have A Good, Fun Year. (:
But, Anyways Back To My Schedule. . . It's Pretty Good & I Got Every Class, I wanted!
Only Thing That I Don't Care For About My Schedule. . . Is That It Is A Run-Around!!
I Go Back In Fourth ALOT All Day, But It's Just Something I will Get Use To. ;D
Well, I Start High School In 4 Days. . . Ahhhhhhhh!!! Nervous, Scared, Excited, Unsure, Happy. . .
Yeah, Those Are My Feelings About High School. :P I Have A Great Best friend That Will Get Me Through My First Day, ( Thank God! :D ) & Something, I am Not Forward To is Waking Up, EARLY! I Rather Sleep, But School Is Fun With Friends!! So, In Conclusion. . .
I Am Excited About My Schedule & High School. But Nervous As Well. ;P
- Joni Marie.♥


  1. Sweetheart show kindness to everyone even those that do not show kindness to you.Remember always be yourself, not what other's want or expect....and sweetheart I'm sure you will do great in've had alot of practice (since your a a girl, and girls are drama queens!)...Lol.
    You will do great in highschool I look forward to you and your siblings going back to school,but I sure am gonna miss you all :(

  2. Welcome to blogging. Hope you enjoy it!

  3. High school will be awesome enjoy every moment for soon you will be a Sr & out in the real world. Can't wait to read more. :)

  4. Thanks Mommy!
    & Thanks Debby & Caroline as Well. (: