Thursday, July 12, 2012

Simple Me

A few Things About Myself ;
My  name is Joni Marie Hedges.
I Love to write & Thats why I decided to make a blog.
I am a freshman this year, I am very excited for high school.
I am a very creative & fun person.
I Love music !
I am 14 years old.
I enjoy hanging out with friends & having sleep overs.
My friends would describe me as loud, but if you don't know me... You might consider me quiet.
I love to wear pj's all day, My favorite pj's to wear are my footsie's.
I am a very silly person, & I love to joke around.
I have alot of friends, that I enjoy being around.
I love school, & my favorite subject is english.
I argue with my parents, just like any normal teenager.
I spend to much time on my laptop. :P
I have 5 sisters  & 2 brothers. - My sisters names are ; Sara, Elizabeth, Julie, Heather (passed away), Emily (passed away). My Brothers names are ; Hunter (passed away), Samuel.
I have 2 half sisters & 1 half brother & one baby that passed away. (unknown gender) & twins that passed away. (unknown gender.) - My half sisters names ; Brandy, Tabitha. My half brothers name ; Ray.
I love everyone of My brothers & sisters. :D
My favorite song is Tongue Tied.
My favorite color is Light green.
I have two pets, One is a dog named Marmaduke (Duke for short.) & A Guinea Pig named Woody. <3
I love when my family watches movies together.
I don't like people arguing.
I have allergies.
I love summer, & warm weather.
My parents & siblings are always here for me, which I love.
My Mom (Trennia Hedges) & My Sister (Elizabeth Hedges) Also Have Blogs.
I love to watch scary movie's !!
I Love family activities, & Getting out with my whole entire family. <3
My grandpa lives with my family.
I am single untill my parents allow me to have a boyfriend.
I wear a purity ring, Because My Parents & Me Believe True Love Waits. <3
I am a Mommy's & Daddy's Girl. :D

- Joni Marie. <3


  1. Love It!
    Welcome to Blogland <3

  2. Glad to know stuff I didn't know about you, Lol. I'm just kidding!
    I love you!