Monday, July 30, 2012

Time To Rant.

Hmm, Where To Start? I guess, I Should Start Off With My Friend Ashley's Sweet 16 Party That I Went To Saturday. . .It Was Actually Alot Of Fun, Julie (My Little Sister.)  & I Got To Meet Some Of Her Friends That We Didn't Know, & I Got To See Some Of My Mutual Friends, As Well. We Had Alot Of Fun Though Just Goofing Off & Swimming & Running Around,
& Listening To Music. . .  But My Parents Came To Get Me & Julie around 9:30ish... So, We Didn't Get To Stay Late But Thats Alright,  But We We're Going To Get To Stay Late. . . But, My Bestfriend Sierra Called To Stay The Night & So, My Parents Let Her Come Over, & So I Spent My Sunday With Her & Then Today She Went Home Around 2:00ish. . . But Anyways, I Can't Believe It's Monday. . . & That Wednesday I Start High School!!! Well, I Am More Excited About High School Even More Now, Because The Person I Wasn't Looking Forward To Seeing... Apologized (& Yes It Was A Real Apology That I Wasn't For sure... I'd Ever Get From This Individual.) , But We Worked Everything out, So Now I Won't Have To Worry About Having Any Bad Feelings Against Anyone When I Go Back To School. I Am So Happy We Put Aside Our Differences!
But, I Know In Highschool Alot Of My Friendships Are Gonna Be Tested, & Some Aren't Gonna Work & Some Are Gonna Be Great. . . But Thats Just How School Goes. Lol.
Well, Overall I am Still Nervous To Start Highschool This Year! But It's Here & I Can't Out- Run It... Hopefully everything Goes Good Though!! :D ohh, & Last Thing To Rant On About
( I Promise!!) I Just Wanna Thank Everyone For Their Kind Comments The Other Day! ;D
It's Wonderful, To Know That I Have People Actually Reading My Blog. . . & Not Just My Family!! Lol. Though I Do Appreciate Them Reading As well. (: Okay, I Promised. . . So, I'm Finished! (:
- Joni Marie.♥


  1. Joni,
    You are so cute!
    I'm glad the person sad sorry,but watch your heart and guard it okay.?.
    I love you and friends come and go,but I am here always<3
    Glad you had fun at your friend's party,and you enjoyed your friend staying the night...I can't wait til fall break and school has not even started yet!
    Love you always,

  2. Mommy, Thank You & I Will!
    I Know You're Here For Me.♥
    & Thanks For Letting Me Go. ;D
    & Haha, Me too!
    Joni Marie.♥