Tuesday, July 31, 2012


AHHHH!!! uhh, I'm Going To High School Tomorrow! I am Excited & So Very Nervous.
As I Keep Thinking About It, It Makes Me Even More Nervous. . .
I Shall Soon Write About My First Day!! ;D But Tomorrow, Is Wordless Wednesday?
So, I Should I Share A Picture Of Me In My First Day Of School Outfit?
I'm Not Sure, But I Probably Will! I Am So Scared For Tomorrow, I Can't Believe It's Here Already.  .  . Summer Went By So Fast! Ahhhhh! *More Thoughts* I Am So Nervous, It's Not Funny Anymore. D: I'm Hoping I Will Be Able To Sleep, Tonight /: I Might, Be To Excited?
Well, Overall I Am Excited To See My Friends. <33 I Have Missed Them! So, I Will Soon Blog Again!! :D Lol. Wish Me Luck?? Pleaseeeeee.
Goodnight & Sweet Dreams Everyone.
- Nervous, Joni Marie.♥


  1. Don't be nervous I'm sure everything will be fine.I had a restless night and I know you did too.I love you and luck has nothing to do with it...leave it in the Lord Jesus hands...and everything will be just as it's suppose :)
    Love you!

  2. Haha, Everything Went Great!
    & I know ;D God Blessed Me With A Great Day!! :D
    I love you!