Monday, July 23, 2012

Unfinished...Or Just Not Ready To Let It End?

Unfinished, No. . . Just Not Ready To Let It End.
Summer 2012, Was Great. . . I Got To Catch Up With Friends.
Have Some Adventure, Stay Up Late, Sleep Late, Have Sleep Overs, Have Lots Of Fun.
I'm Not Ready To Grow Up, & Be In Highschool Just Yet. . .
But I Know My Summer Is About Over, & It's Only A Matter Of Time Before I'm a Highschooler.
This Year Has Gone By So Very Fast. . . I Do Enjoy Going To School, & Learning New Things & Meeting New Friends, & Seeing Old Ones. I'm Just Gonna Miss Simple Times When Things Got To Rough For Me To Handle & Hide Away In My Mommy's Arms.
But I Guess, It's Time To Grow Up. . . A Little. I'm Still Going To Hide In My Mommy's Arm. ;D
Welp, Summer 2012 Has Had It's ups & Downs. . . But Overall, This Has Been The Greatest Summer I've Had In A Very Long Time.♥  I Guess, Thats Mostly Why I Don't Wanna Let It End.
I'm Scared & Nervous For Highschool. . . But, I Tell Everyone, I'm Not. . .
Lesson's In Life Are Best Learned, When Atleast Trying To Do Something You Believe In.
So, I guess, I Will Be Fearless As Much As I Can.♥
So, In End To My Ranting On & On. . . I Leave You With Saying ; I'm Unsure. . .
About Alot Of Things, But I Know I'll Be Just Fine. ☺
- Joni Marie.♥


  1. Joni you can run into my arms anytime you need to.I will always be here for you (as long as I'm alive).I love you and I'm glad you had a great summer!...I also hate to see it end :(
    You will do great in highschool...and remember I'm here if you need to hide :)
    I love you<3

    1. Thanks Mommy, I'll Always Need To Hide In Your Arms. ;D
      & I'm So Glad Your Here For Me!

  2. Joni,you will do fine being a intermediate in school and I'm here if you need a friend.I'm on G+ pretey much every day. Good luck and I hope to talk again soon!