Friday, August 31, 2012

Pep Rally & Tired.

Well, Today My School Had Our First Pep Rally For The Year! ♥ It Was My First High School Pep Rally (; Lol. But Cody's A Football Player So, I Cheered Him On, When They Called Out The Players (: Hopefully The Wildcats Will Beat The Cougars Tonight... ;D I Wish I Could Have Seen The Game. But, I'm Sad To Say... I Didn't Attend The Game Tonight ): But I Guess There Will Be Others... Even Though This Game Was V.E.R.Y Important To Be At... Because Everyone Is Gonna Be Talking About It Tuesday, & Me... I Will Have No Idea What They Are Talking About ): Well, In Gym A Few Days Ago I Hit One Of Our Foreign Exchange Student's Right In The Face With A Volleyball. /: I Felt So Bad! ): But She Said She Was Okay & That She Wasn't Upset About It.
But, The Next Day In Gym... I Hit Three More Of My Friends In Their Faces... D: So, Now When We Are Playing Volleyball Everyone Says " Don't Pull A Joni! " ): Dang It. -__- Lol.
Whelp, I Didn't Hit No One In The Face Today! Also, I Strained My Right Arm, & Leg Too much... And They Just Keep Hurting. ): I Hope The Pain Goes Away Before Tuesday. (: Whelp, I Am Very Tired Tonight... So, I Think I Will Just Get Off & Go To Sleep & Start My Day Off Early Tomorrow. (: Goodnight Everyone.
- Joni Marie. ♥

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Great Friday. ♥

Today, Was Just Wonderful. . . I Got To Take A lot Of Photo's With my Friends! (:
But I Will Share My Favorite Picture Of Today At The End Of This Post, & As You May Have Realized I Didn't Get A Chance To Write On My Blog On A Weekday! ): It Sucked...
I Got A Low Grade On My Test Today ): But, My Teacher Decided To Call Me Up In Front of The Whole Class, To Talk About It... Which I Was Already Upset With Myself, & So He Just Kind Of Made Things Worse By Talking To Me! -__- Also, He Started Off By Saying " Are You NOT Paying Attention, Are You Talking To Much?, Do I Need To Move You? " Then I Smarted Right Back To Him " You Go WAY To Fast On The Notes! You Need To Go Slower!! Cause NO ONE In This Class Ever Gets Finished! & I Barley EVER Talk In This Class, You Can Move Me But... It's Not Going To Change Anything. " Then He Says " I Know I Do, Go To Fast. & If You Get Another Low Test Grade Like This, Then I'll Move You Up Here Close To My Desk. " & I Was Like " That's Why, You Take Notes Just Way To Fast!!  & I Was Like Okay." & I Returned To My Seat & The Teacher Calls Me Back Up There... & Me (REALLY MAD.) I Was Just Like " Huh? "
& He Was Like " Don't Worry About This Test, It Will Barely Count Against You... Since You Have A 100 In Here Right Now. " I Was Like " Okay. " & Just So He Couldn't Say Anything Else To Me About My Low Test Grade, I Told Him I would Retake The Test & I Borrowed Someones Notes To Study Over This Weekend & On Monday During Wildcat Block, I Have To Go To His Class & Take The Test. ;P Which I Am Embarrassed To Say I Got A Low Grade, But I Mean It Happens To Everyone. (: Also, Today I Got Into Math Class & Took A Test & Made a B! :D So, I Know Its Not That I'm Not Smart... I Just Need To Study More, & Get ALL the NOTES In Class. ;P Lol.
But, You Might Be Thinking ( Her Friday Doesn't Seem Fun At All... ) Despite Everything That Happened In 1st... I Had A Better Day, As They Day Progressed... Like, 2nd Period All I Had To Do Was Watch Mythbusters :D & In 3rd I Had To Type My Essay That Was Already Finished, 4th Period Was Gym & All I did Was Sit In the Bleachers & Talk & Take Pictures, then In 5th Math Class, I Had A Test that I Made a B on!! :D & In 6th, I Took Pictures & Helped With ECHS Twitter Page & Updated It. & In 7th Period (Drama) I watched Others Do There Monologue's While Holding Cody's Hand. <33 & Then Came Home, So My Day Had A Ruff Start But It Finished Pretty Good...
But, I Have To Wake Up Early... So, Goodnight!
- Joni Marie.♥
 Yes, This Is Cody & I. ♥

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Organizing, Cleaning, & More.

So, My Weekend Has Been Kind Of Busy. . . Me, Julie, & My Mom Have Been Working On Organizing Our Room & Cleaning Up. . .Why? Because, My Mommy & Daddy Have Decided To Paint Our Room, & Do Us A New Room Theme. I'm So Very Excited To Help Start Tomorrow Actually Getting To Work On The Cieling & Painting! :D Our Walls Are An Ugly Creme Color Right Now. . . But Hopefully Soon They Will Be Light Green! & The Room Theme They Are Doing For Us Is Zebra Print & Owls :D It's Adorable!  <33 Woo-Hoo!
Uh, So About School. . . I Did My Monologue On STAGE! D: Everyone Was Yelling That I Was "So Freaking Adorable, & Tiny, & Cute." Lol. I Enjoyed The Compliments Though.
 It Was So Nerve Racking To Be Up There, But I Got Told I Did Good! :D So, Hopefully I Did. (: I Was Just So Scared To Be Up There, But I Was Glad To Finally Get It Done, Not That It Wasn't Fun. . . ;P Welp, Drama Is Still The Best Class For Me. . . It's Great! I Can't Wait To See My Friend Sierra Perform Her Monologoue Monday!
It's Exciting To Be On Stage, But Very Scary! :P Welp, I Am Glad I Got Over My Fear & Actually Talked On Stage. ;D I Didn't Think I Could Do It. . . But I Did! ;D
Hm, I Know Its Late But I'm Not Really All That Tired, But Eventually My Mom & Dad Will Tell Me To Go To Sleep ( LOL) Well, Summer Is Officially Been Gone For 18 Days. . . But School Has Been Pretty Great. . . So. . . I Don't Miss Summer All That Much! (: Well, I Am Excited For Monday! It's Wildcat Block, ;D Idk, Where I'm Going Just Yet! But I'm Sure Where It Will Be Fun!
The Only Thing Different About This Wildcat Block, Is That My Friend Was Missing Her Lab Paper that Had To Be Signed By A Parent. . . Which Means She Will Be With A Teacher In A Class Room For Wildcat. ): But I Still Have Cody! Which I Am So Very Happy, That I Have Him. . . He's Absolutely Great! :D  He Makes Me Smile Always! Well, I Must Be Saying Goodnight. <33
- Joni Marie. <3

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hey!Hey! Guess What?

Guess What?! I Finally Have Made A Time To Write On My Blog, & Its A School Day!! :D
I'm So Happy! Well, Today Was My First Wildcat Block & What Is That You Ask?
It's Where You Get 37 Minutes To Go To The Gym, Auditorium, Library, Or Outside On The Track Or Go In One Of The Computer Labs! But If You Are Missing An Assignment Or Have A Low Grade, You Have To Go To A Teachers Room, & Raise Your Grades & Re-Do Assignments That Need Fixing. But, I Got To Have Fun!! I Went To The Auditoruim & Watched A Movie, It Was Pretty Fun. . . Me & My Friend Sierra Pretty Much Talked Through The Whole Movie, Besides When I Was Talking To Cody. (:
Well, Overall I Really Like Wildcat Block & The Best Thing Is, That It Happens Every Monday! :D
Uh, I Haven't Performed My Monologue Yet In Class & I Am So Nervous To! D: Like Yikes! D:
But, I'm Going To Try Make Myself Push Forward & Come Out Of My Comfort Zone! :D
Well, I Still Love Highschool !! & I Hope I Continue To To Love It!

- Joni Marie.♥

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Troubles, Of Drama Class. . .

Okay! I'm Back & Before I Get To What My Title Is About I Would Like To Say. . . I Have Found Out, That It Is Very Hard To Keep Up With A Blog & Go To School. . . Between Being Gone From 6:45am & Getting Home Around 4:00pm, & Doing Homework & Eating Dinner, & Talking To Some Old Friends & Having To Go To Bed Early. . .My Day Is Completely Full. Gr. I Wish, I Could Blog In Between Those 5 Days ! But I Don't Think Its Possible! But, Enough About That!!
At Orientation, My Drama Teacher Mentioned Something About A 'Monologue Maddness' Thing.
At The Time I Had No Clue, What She Was Talking About. . . But, Friday After Our First 3 Days Of School, She Explained What It Was, & Practically Its Where You Have A Basketball Bracket, & You Verse Other Drama Students & You Have To Say A Monologue & Act It Out Well & You CAN NOT Have The Paper In Front Of You, You Have To Have It Memorized! Well, I'm A 14 Year Old, The Only Thing I Can & Want To Memorize Is SONGS! Not Monologues, I Have Never Been In Drama & This Is My First Year, Doing Anything With Acting. . .So, Acting & Betraying A Monologue, In Front Of All the Drama Students (Theres Like 50!!!)  & Like Two Judges & The Drama Teacher, Is VERY Scary For Me! I'm A Pretty Shy Person. But My Drama Teacher Said
"Drama Is About, Steping Out Of Your Comfort Zone." So, I Have To Try! Good News Though, I Did Learn My Monologue & Now Can Say It Without Anything Being In Front Of Me!! I Am Now Working On Getting Into Character, & I Want The "Audience" To Believe Me, & Get Into What I'm Saying. . . I Know I Can Do It!! :D I'm Also Working On My Projection Of My Voice, Since I'm Pretty Shy. . .I'm Not Very Loud. . .But I Know I Can Do Anything I Set My Mind To! I Keep Thanking God That He Gives Me The Strength & Courage To Not Quit & To Keep Moving Forward! Welp, Tomorrows The Big Day To Act Out My Monologue. . . Bye!
- Joni Marie.♥

Sunday, August 5, 2012

School's Back In Session!

Well, I Had A Pretty Good First 3 Days Of School. Hm, They We're Actually Pretty Amazing. ;D
I Loved Seeing My Old Friends & Getting Back, In The Swing Of Things.
I Don't Like Waking Up Early, But Oh well. ;D
So, When I Got To School. . . Me & My Sister Elizabeth Had To Go To The Gym For Schedules,
& As Soon As I Walked In My Friend Sierra Found Me. But, Elizabeth Didn't Want Me To Leave Her. . . So, We Walked Elizabeth To Her Line For Her Schedule & Me & My Friend Went Back To The Freshman Line. I Was So Excited For My First Day, But Very Nervous. . . After, I Got My Schedule The Tardy Bell Went Off. I Was Just Thinking (Oh Goodness) But, I Just Walked To Class, & Went In & Everyone Watched Me As I Took A Seat & It Made Me Even More Nervous To Be At School, I Saw One Of A Few Of My Friends In 1st Period... & After That Class Dismissed, I Walked With My Friend Tristan To Science & We Talked About How Nervous It Made Us To Be In Highschool Lol. But, As I walked In My Next Class, I Felt Better & Was More Excited Then Nervous To Be At School. But Around Lunch Time, Was When I Finally Got The Hang Of Everything. Hm, My Favorite Class Of The Day Would Have To Be Drama, It's So Much Fun! :D
Because, I Can Just Be Myself In That Class, & Be Loud! Which I Love That!
Welp, I Don't See My Sister Elizabeth Much. . . But, When I Do I'm Always Like " Elizabeth!!"
Lol. I Love Having My Sister In School With Me. (: But, So Far I Love Highschoool. . . & It Doesn't Seem So Big & Scary & Nerve Racking Anymore. :D
- Joni Marie.♥

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday.♥

                                                                                                           - Joni Marie.♥