Friday, August 24, 2012

A Great Friday. ♥

Today, Was Just Wonderful. . . I Got To Take A lot Of Photo's With my Friends! (:
But I Will Share My Favorite Picture Of Today At The End Of This Post, & As You May Have Realized I Didn't Get A Chance To Write On My Blog On A Weekday! ): It Sucked...
I Got A Low Grade On My Test Today ): But, My Teacher Decided To Call Me Up In Front of The Whole Class, To Talk About It... Which I Was Already Upset With Myself, & So He Just Kind Of Made Things Worse By Talking To Me! -__- Also, He Started Off By Saying " Are You NOT Paying Attention, Are You Talking To Much?, Do I Need To Move You? " Then I Smarted Right Back To Him " You Go WAY To Fast On The Notes! You Need To Go Slower!! Cause NO ONE In This Class Ever Gets Finished! & I Barley EVER Talk In This Class, You Can Move Me But... It's Not Going To Change Anything. " Then He Says " I Know I Do, Go To Fast. & If You Get Another Low Test Grade Like This, Then I'll Move You Up Here Close To My Desk. " & I Was Like " That's Why, You Take Notes Just Way To Fast!!  & I Was Like Okay." & I Returned To My Seat & The Teacher Calls Me Back Up There... & Me (REALLY MAD.) I Was Just Like " Huh? "
& He Was Like " Don't Worry About This Test, It Will Barely Count Against You... Since You Have A 100 In Here Right Now. " I Was Like " Okay. " & Just So He Couldn't Say Anything Else To Me About My Low Test Grade, I Told Him I would Retake The Test & I Borrowed Someones Notes To Study Over This Weekend & On Monday During Wildcat Block, I Have To Go To His Class & Take The Test. ;P Which I Am Embarrassed To Say I Got A Low Grade, But I Mean It Happens To Everyone. (: Also, Today I Got Into Math Class & Took A Test & Made a B! :D So, I Know Its Not That I'm Not Smart... I Just Need To Study More, & Get ALL the NOTES In Class. ;P Lol.
But, You Might Be Thinking ( Her Friday Doesn't Seem Fun At All... ) Despite Everything That Happened In 1st... I Had A Better Day, As They Day Progressed... Like, 2nd Period All I Had To Do Was Watch Mythbusters :D & In 3rd I Had To Type My Essay That Was Already Finished, 4th Period Was Gym & All I did Was Sit In the Bleachers & Talk & Take Pictures, then In 5th Math Class, I Had A Test that I Made a B on!! :D & In 6th, I Took Pictures & Helped With ECHS Twitter Page & Updated It. & In 7th Period (Drama) I watched Others Do There Monologue's While Holding Cody's Hand. <33 & Then Came Home, So My Day Had A Ruff Start But It Finished Pretty Good...
But, I Have To Wake Up Early... So, Goodnight!
- Joni Marie.♥
 Yes, This Is Cody & I. ♥


  1. Yay for a good day anyway !!! <3 Yay for standing up to your teacher.

  2. Sometimes try taking notes,but less writing more note taking in your head and then put it into your own words...I don't know if that will help.Glad things got better toward the end of the day.I love you and I know you will do good...stay tuned to the teachings and NOT the boy....!

    1. Thanks Mommy. I Will Take Everything you said Into consideration. ;D Lol. & Hey ! All My Grades Are Above Average. (; So, I Can Focus on Him & Studies. :D