Monday, August 13, 2012

Hey!Hey! Guess What?

Guess What?! I Finally Have Made A Time To Write On My Blog, & Its A School Day!! :D
I'm So Happy! Well, Today Was My First Wildcat Block & What Is That You Ask?
It's Where You Get 37 Minutes To Go To The Gym, Auditorium, Library, Or Outside On The Track Or Go In One Of The Computer Labs! But If You Are Missing An Assignment Or Have A Low Grade, You Have To Go To A Teachers Room, & Raise Your Grades & Re-Do Assignments That Need Fixing. But, I Got To Have Fun!! I Went To The Auditoruim & Watched A Movie, It Was Pretty Fun. . . Me & My Friend Sierra Pretty Much Talked Through The Whole Movie, Besides When I Was Talking To Cody. (:
Well, Overall I Really Like Wildcat Block & The Best Thing Is, That It Happens Every Monday! :D
Uh, I Haven't Performed My Monologue Yet In Class & I Am So Nervous To! D: Like Yikes! D:
But, I'm Going To Try Make Myself Push Forward & Come Out Of My Comfort Zone! :D
Well, I Still Love Highschool !! & I Hope I Continue To To Love It!

- Joni Marie.♥