Saturday, August 18, 2012

Organizing, Cleaning, & More.

So, My Weekend Has Been Kind Of Busy. . . Me, Julie, & My Mom Have Been Working On Organizing Our Room & Cleaning Up. . .Why? Because, My Mommy & Daddy Have Decided To Paint Our Room, & Do Us A New Room Theme. I'm So Very Excited To Help Start Tomorrow Actually Getting To Work On The Cieling & Painting! :D Our Walls Are An Ugly Creme Color Right Now. . . But Hopefully Soon They Will Be Light Green! & The Room Theme They Are Doing For Us Is Zebra Print & Owls :D It's Adorable!  <33 Woo-Hoo!
Uh, So About School. . . I Did My Monologue On STAGE! D: Everyone Was Yelling That I Was "So Freaking Adorable, & Tiny, & Cute." Lol. I Enjoyed The Compliments Though.
 It Was So Nerve Racking To Be Up There, But I Got Told I Did Good! :D So, Hopefully I Did. (: I Was Just So Scared To Be Up There, But I Was Glad To Finally Get It Done, Not That It Wasn't Fun. . . ;P Welp, Drama Is Still The Best Class For Me. . . It's Great! I Can't Wait To See My Friend Sierra Perform Her Monologoue Monday!
It's Exciting To Be On Stage, But Very Scary! :P Welp, I Am Glad I Got Over My Fear & Actually Talked On Stage. ;D I Didn't Think I Could Do It. . . But I Did! ;D
Hm, I Know Its Late But I'm Not Really All That Tired, But Eventually My Mom & Dad Will Tell Me To Go To Sleep ( LOL) Well, Summer Is Officially Been Gone For 18 Days. . . But School Has Been Pretty Great. . . So. . . I Don't Miss Summer All That Much! (: Well, I Am Excited For Monday! It's Wildcat Block, ;D Idk, Where I'm Going Just Yet! But I'm Sure Where It Will Be Fun!
The Only Thing Different About This Wildcat Block, Is That My Friend Was Missing Her Lab Paper that Had To Be Signed By A Parent. . . Which Means She Will Be With A Teacher In A Class Room For Wildcat. ): But I Still Have Cody! Which I Am So Very Happy, That I Have Him. . . He's Absolutely Great! :D  He Makes Me Smile Always! Well, I Must Be Saying Goodnight. <33
- Joni Marie. <3


  1. Glad we got everything in order can't wait till everything is done!I look forward to seeing our hard work pay off!