Friday, August 31, 2012

Pep Rally & Tired.

Well, Today My School Had Our First Pep Rally For The Year! ♥ It Was My First High School Pep Rally (; Lol. But Cody's A Football Player So, I Cheered Him On, When They Called Out The Players (: Hopefully The Wildcats Will Beat The Cougars Tonight... ;D I Wish I Could Have Seen The Game. But, I'm Sad To Say... I Didn't Attend The Game Tonight ): But I Guess There Will Be Others... Even Though This Game Was V.E.R.Y Important To Be At... Because Everyone Is Gonna Be Talking About It Tuesday, & Me... I Will Have No Idea What They Are Talking About ): Well, In Gym A Few Days Ago I Hit One Of Our Foreign Exchange Student's Right In The Face With A Volleyball. /: I Felt So Bad! ): But She Said She Was Okay & That She Wasn't Upset About It.
But, The Next Day In Gym... I Hit Three More Of My Friends In Their Faces... D: So, Now When We Are Playing Volleyball Everyone Says " Don't Pull A Joni! " ): Dang It. -__- Lol.
Whelp, I Didn't Hit No One In The Face Today! Also, I Strained My Right Arm, & Leg Too much... And They Just Keep Hurting. ): I Hope The Pain Goes Away Before Tuesday. (: Whelp, I Am Very Tired Tonight... So, I Think I Will Just Get Off & Go To Sleep & Start My Day Off Early Tomorrow. (: Goodnight Everyone.
- Joni Marie. ♥


  1. Don't pull a Joni!!!!
    How funny!!!
    You have always been an excellent kicker...I should know I'm momma ;)
    and you sure kicked me alot ;)

  2. Haha, I know ;D Lol
    & Haha, yeah (: