Sunday, August 5, 2012

School's Back In Session!

Well, I Had A Pretty Good First 3 Days Of School. Hm, They We're Actually Pretty Amazing. ;D
I Loved Seeing My Old Friends & Getting Back, In The Swing Of Things.
I Don't Like Waking Up Early, But Oh well. ;D
So, When I Got To School. . . Me & My Sister Elizabeth Had To Go To The Gym For Schedules,
& As Soon As I Walked In My Friend Sierra Found Me. But, Elizabeth Didn't Want Me To Leave Her. . . So, We Walked Elizabeth To Her Line For Her Schedule & Me & My Friend Went Back To The Freshman Line. I Was So Excited For My First Day, But Very Nervous. . . After, I Got My Schedule The Tardy Bell Went Off. I Was Just Thinking (Oh Goodness) But, I Just Walked To Class, & Went In & Everyone Watched Me As I Took A Seat & It Made Me Even More Nervous To Be At School, I Saw One Of A Few Of My Friends In 1st Period... & After That Class Dismissed, I Walked With My Friend Tristan To Science & We Talked About How Nervous It Made Us To Be In Highschool Lol. But, As I walked In My Next Class, I Felt Better & Was More Excited Then Nervous To Be At School. But Around Lunch Time, Was When I Finally Got The Hang Of Everything. Hm, My Favorite Class Of The Day Would Have To Be Drama, It's So Much Fun! :D
Because, I Can Just Be Myself In That Class, & Be Loud! Which I Love That!
Welp, I Don't See My Sister Elizabeth Much. . . But, When I Do I'm Always Like " Elizabeth!!"
Lol. I Love Having My Sister In School With Me. (: But, So Far I Love Highschoool. . . & It Doesn't Seem So Big & Scary & Nerve Racking Anymore. :D
- Joni Marie.♥