Sunday, August 12, 2012

Troubles, Of Drama Class. . .

Okay! I'm Back & Before I Get To What My Title Is About I Would Like To Say. . . I Have Found Out, That It Is Very Hard To Keep Up With A Blog & Go To School. . . Between Being Gone From 6:45am & Getting Home Around 4:00pm, & Doing Homework & Eating Dinner, & Talking To Some Old Friends & Having To Go To Bed Early. . .My Day Is Completely Full. Gr. I Wish, I Could Blog In Between Those 5 Days ! But I Don't Think Its Possible! But, Enough About That!!
At Orientation, My Drama Teacher Mentioned Something About A 'Monologue Maddness' Thing.
At The Time I Had No Clue, What She Was Talking About. . . But, Friday After Our First 3 Days Of School, She Explained What It Was, & Practically Its Where You Have A Basketball Bracket, & You Verse Other Drama Students & You Have To Say A Monologue & Act It Out Well & You CAN NOT Have The Paper In Front Of You, You Have To Have It Memorized! Well, I'm A 14 Year Old, The Only Thing I Can & Want To Memorize Is SONGS! Not Monologues, I Have Never Been In Drama & This Is My First Year, Doing Anything With Acting. . .So, Acting & Betraying A Monologue, In Front Of All the Drama Students (Theres Like 50!!!)  & Like Two Judges & The Drama Teacher, Is VERY Scary For Me! I'm A Pretty Shy Person. But My Drama Teacher Said
"Drama Is About, Steping Out Of Your Comfort Zone." So, I Have To Try! Good News Though, I Did Learn My Monologue & Now Can Say It Without Anything Being In Front Of Me!! I Am Now Working On Getting Into Character, & I Want The "Audience" To Believe Me, & Get Into What I'm Saying. . . I Know I Can Do It!! :D I'm Also Working On My Projection Of My Voice, Since I'm Pretty Shy. . .I'm Not Very Loud. . .But I Know I Can Do Anything I Set My Mind To! I Keep Thanking God That He Gives Me The Strength & Courage To Not Quit & To Keep Moving Forward! Welp, Tomorrows The Big Day To Act Out My Monologue. . . Bye!
- Joni Marie.♥

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