Friday, September 28, 2012

Sorry This Post Is Long Over Due. Lol. Well, For Starters I Went To The Fair Not Expecting To See Any Friends... D: So, I Thought... Oh Goodness, I'm Going To Be Forever Alone, On EVERY Ride... But, I wasn't Actually I Found A Friend & We Rode Rides Together For A While... Until, I Found Out Cody Was There(: I Was In Line For Ride, & His Sister Paige & Her Friend Haylei Was Also In Line. So, Me & My Friend Were Waiting To Get On The Ride & Paige's Friend Haylei Turned Around & Said "Hey Joni, Your Man Is Here Somewhere." & Cody's Sister Turned Around & Said "Yeah He's Here. But He Ran Off As Soon As We Got Here." & All I Could Think Was (Yupp, That Sounds Like Cody.) Lol. Well, Julie Came Up With Her Little Boy-Friend. So, Me & My Friend & Julie & Her Boy-Friend Walked Around Looking For Cody, But I Didn't See Him. Then I Hear " Heyyyyy!" & Its Cody Running Up To Me, So I Turn Around & I Could Feel Myself Smiling & I Say " Oh, Hey." Lol. I Might Have Been Blushing. Lol. I Wasn't Expecting Cody To Be At The Fair, But It Made My Day 1,000 Times Better!!(: We Rode The Sizzler First, It Was Like The Scrambler At Holiday World. I Tried To Keep Myself  From Ending Up Squishing Him To Death xD lol
But It Didn't Really Work Out! D: Lololol. But It Was Funny, I Asked Him "Did I Hurt You?"& He Said "Uh.No" lol I Still Think I Did. lol Anyways, After We Got Off That Ride We Went On The Ferris Wheel. <3 & Just Talked & Talked, It Was Fun To Just Have Time To Talk To Each Without Any Interruptions From Anyone Else.(: It Was Just A Great Moment! Then We Walked With My Dad & My Sisters Sara, Elizabeth, & Julie, Also With My Brother Samuel & My Soon To Be Brother In Law Matt & Julie's Little Boy-Friend... We Walked Around & Watched The Demolition Derby For A Little Bit & My Daddy Seemed To Like Cody(: Which Made My Night Even Greater! Lol.
Plus, Cody Held My Hand In Front Of My Dad, Which I Thought Was Sweet That He Didn't Let Go.(: Also, My Dad Was Making Short Jokes About Me... So, Cody Decided To Join In & Make Short Jokes About Me As Well. So, They Like Tagged Teamed Me With Jokes :P So, I Was Just Thinking... Uhhhhh. Short Jokes Dx lol & So, We Went & Rode More Rides. Me & Cody & Julie & Matt & Elizabeth Went To This On Ride Called The Strawberry It Was Amazing We Spun Really Fast Because Cody Was Spinning The Ride Really Hard. It Was Alot Of Fun!(: Plus, I Met Cody's Little Sister... She Was Just Adorable. <33 Lol. I Took Her & My Little Brother On The Strawberry!(: I Just Couldn't Say No To Them. ;D After We Got Off That Ride, Me & Cody Took His Little Sister & My Little Brother Samuel On The Silver Streak... It Was Silly & Fun. Samuel & I Sang & Held Our Hands Up The Whole Time ^_^ It Was A Fun Moment For Me & Him...(: Cody & His Little Sister Seem To Have Fun Too!(: It Was Just Adorable Though. I Took A lot Of Photo's.
Also, The Last Ride I Rode With Cody & His Little Sister Was A Ride Called Zero Gravity It Was A Whole Lot Of Fun, But We All Were Pretty Silent On That Ride Lol. I Was Really Tired & Cody, He Seemed To Be Tired Too & His Little Sister Was Quiet Also. But, Before The Ride Started Cody Was Like "You Only Like Me For Me Little Sister!!" *Sarcastically* & I Said " Oh, Yeah. How Did You Know?!" Lol. Then Cody's Little Sister Told Me That I Was Pretty, Which I Thought Was Really Sweet. <3 & Also, Cody's Little Sister Said That His Family Thinks I'm Cute(: Which I couldn't Help But Smile After Hearing That!(: Lol.  But The Fair Was Just Amazing!(: It Was Fun Just To Hang Out With Cody & My Family... Though, My Mommy Didn't Get To Go ): Which That Sucked & She Was Missed So Much!! D: I Love My Mommy So Much & I Appreciate Everything She Does For Me(: She Is Absolutely Wonderful.
Cody & I on The Sizzler. (:                                                                      - Joni Marie. <3

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  1. Hey Joni,glad to see your happy.I miss you all exept Ramond for splitting us up.I never really payed much attention to your feelings for me,I'm sorry!
    Your BFF,
    Austin Hoyt