Friday, September 7, 2012

Tiring Friday! -__-

Why Can't It Be Christmas Break... I Really Need A Few Days To Catch Up On Sleep. ;P
Well, I Guess... I'll Have To Make Due With The Weekend Until then. But, I love Staying Up on The Weekends. ;P ( My Bad Habit. ) Well, The Reason I Am So Tired... Is That I Stayed Up Trying To Finish All My Homework Last Night & I Had Homework In 4 Classes, But Only 3 Assignments Needed To Be Turned Into Today! ( Thank God! ;D ) Well, Drama Class Is A Little Harder Than I Expected It To Be. It's Fun & All. But, We Are Working On A Proposal & It Seems To Be Dragging On Forever & EVER. Lol. Other Than That Drama Is Still Fun, All I Did Today Was Spin & Spin & Get Dizzy & Then I Played Elevator. Which I Was A Little Small Girl That Was Homeless that Sold Used Lighters Off The Street. I Got In My Friends Face & I Was Like " WANNA BUY A LIGHTER?" Haha, It Was Really Funny. But Then, Drama 1 Got Called Over To Be Talked To By Mrs.Dooley... She Talked About Stuff For Our Play That We Are Doing (Midnight Summer/Jersey) & I Really Wanna Be A Fairy That Talks ! (: Because, I'm Pretty Small My Height Is Like 4'11 & I'm 14 & Soon Turning 15. ;D I'm Like The Shortest Person In The Freshman Class... Everyone In Drama Is Always Saying " You're So Small!! " & I'm Just Like ._. I know. lol I'm Always Looking Up To People, Because I'm Too short... Haha! Well, In Gym Today I Only Hit 2 People! -__- lol
I Hit Someone In The Face & One Person Really Hard In The Back ): I Felt So Bad! Then I Heard My Friend Maddie Say To Everyone Else Hitting The Ball " Don't Pull A Joni " Again. ;D  I Was Just Thinking ( I'm Never Going to Live This Down. ) Lol. Well, Today Was A Good/Bad/Tiring Day... My Friend Sierra Was Upset... So, I Tried To Comfort Her All That I Could. But, Other Than That The Day Was Fine. I'm Really Tired, So I Will Say Goodnight! (:
- Joni Marie. ♥

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  1. You have always had that stay up all night party animal since you was born!
    I remember your daddy not getting home till after midnight and there you was amonth old up and ready for the "party life" of diaper changing,nursing and rocking till I fell...I mean you fell asleep ;)
    I remember you being like 4 years old and I'd wake up there you and daddy was sitting at the kitchen table eating pickled bolonga!
    Anyways I love you and I hope you feel better "since you are sick as of right now".Love always your, momma